Collectief Imprography is an opened autonomous and independent artists platform, initially formed by Amsterdam-based choreographer and real-time performer, Miri lee.

It is based on collaborations among the artists in various art fields with the idea the new forms of performance. It is a collective performance/research platform aiming at individual creative movement toward development.

The performers consist in diverse backgrounds such as choreographer, professional dancer, improvisation performer, and visual artists. They share their thoughts of the perceptive awareness, importance of the value of their own unique expression, the understanding of interactive communication is emphasized as the main artistic motivation.

The interest in the unknown being composed by intuitive choices and embodiment of momentary image throughout the interaction of the languages, light, sound, and visual objects, and to activate images through the spiritual abstraction of the performers.

The creation process concentrates on the forms of real-time performances based on collaborations with various art genres, intensely focusing on the research to the balance between performance technique which is improvised to choreography themselves in time.

Collectief Imprography sets a regular session which is based on interactive awareness between artists, individual research and training which is required skills or technic to each project or performances.

As the performer who tries to restructure the boundary beyond between the rigorous physical training processes and spontaneous individual choices, a strong identity and the intuition,

I strongly believe that the works will be the beginning of advanced steps which is combined with the performing art and the spirit of vividness and vitality in improvisation art If both seek together to pursue the value of the performance art.

Thus, the performing art will be accelerating to achieves the development and progressional path further into the Art, nowadays.

Collectief Imprography work ︎