Miri Lee(1975) lives and works in Amsterdam.

She is a choreographer and real-time performer who has been working with various artists in visual art, contemporary and classical music, science and media art.

Currently, She initiated to propose a real-time performance platform called Collectief Impography based in Amsterdam that is constantly researching with artists on sessions, workshop, regular performances and collaborations with other genres.

Various experimental concept approaches the embodiment of elaborate images that are transformed through psychological abstraction into physical images which are inspired by the light, sound, language, and objects in real-time.

She deeply focuses on individual times in significantly changing in the society with culture: what we have to adhere to or accept and discard or be abandoned at the boundary between changes and expansion in unknown,

the axis that owns personal responsibility within in complexity, the individual concerns and thoughts for the extent of acceptance, limited choices that seem to be free.

but she believes that the creativity should be based on the diversity of individuals that is evoked by experiencing the flow of time at present with the identity as a spontaneous Doer without limitation

In 2005,
she initiated the group
'Plastic Zoo Art Work’ with Jongkag Park and presented various performances as a choreographer in Korea

In 2008,
she moved to Amsterdam
and starts the improvisation research with the group of ’Magpie umbrella’ directed by Katie Duck founded in 1995, she studied essential cognition of Katie 's training methods; the practical use of intuition through seeing and listening in live time.

She has performed numerous improvisation performances with dancers and musicians: Katie Duck, Julyen Hamilton, Alfredo Genovesi, Colin Mclean, Andy Moore, Kenzo Kusuda, Sylvain Meret, Vincent Cacalano and Jack Gallagher in Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, US, UK, Austria, Brazil and Korea.

In 2009,
she was selected as a young choreographer by the participation of Julidans Artist Lab.

In 2011,
she choreographed "Poetry" with Anani Sanouvie (Togo)
in Julidans International Dance Festival
at Melkweg theater, Amsterdam.

The piece integrated consisting of poetic images in strong traditional dances between Africa and Asia, the research based on cultural sharing and exchanging, the encounter of both unique traditional dances focus on the raw and vital images in nature with live music (Korean traditional instrument by Bongkyo Lee).

Since 2011,
she has been collaborating the performance works with Dutch visual artist Jennifer Tee which is based on movement research of physical and spiritual concepts in Tee’s exhibitions, the images of body embraces the cultural and philosophical symbols along with visual installations, the idea as being activated objects in the specific realm, representation and transformation with aesthetic values,  

Especially, Tee’s floor pieces are implemented and developed as a platform for the performance and the concept focuses on as a medium between static object and kinetic images with the body.

She has been working on many solo performances and developed the scale of performances by selecting performers from the location in different countries in 2018

The collaboration performances include:  ‘Let it Come down 1, 2, 3’ - , Camden Arts Center (London) 2017, Bonner Kunsverein(Bonn), Fons Welters Gallery(Amsterdam) 2018, ‘ Star Crossed'  at Kunsthaus (Hamburg) 2018, Concrete Interior at Cobra Museum (Amsterdam) 2016 , Art Plane - Material Plane at Manifesta11 Contemporary Art Biennale (Zurich, Switzerland) 2016, 'Rugs and Bones' at La Loge (Brussel) 2014, ‘Star-Crossed’ at Stedelijk Museum(Amsterdam), 2013 'Women's Mind' at ISCP Residency (New York)

In 2016,
she performed in the opera film "The Transmigration of Morton" by Sjron Minailo and directed by Ruben van Leer with VR/360 format in Holland festival at Bellevue theater, the presence of body was realized in imagination as consciousness and the ritual format with white big bow on the Tee’s floor pieces.

In 2014-2016,
she worked with theater maker Julian Hetzel (Germany) and performed in the pieces ‘Still' and ‘Sculpting Fear’ that were both premiered in Spring performing art festival(NL) and later toured at Wiesbaden biennale EU(German), Malta Festival(Poland), Festival Auawirleben(Switzerland),  Festival Vabalava(Estonia), Theater Festival Spiel Arts (German), South East Dance Festival (UK)

2018 'Night of Tarantula' the music chamber ensemble was led by composer Kate Moore (Australia) with several other composers at Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ' concert hall and Korzo theater.

Lee's dance performance was presented as an ensemble that is focused on physical interpretation and imagery volumes of the dialogue according to the composition of the music.  

The movements were created in real time by a variety of musical narratives that is inspired by Italian traditional tarantism, visualized the tension and relaxation from the spider's poison and embodied it as a metaphorical ritual.

In addition, she has regular sessions and improvisation performances with composer Oene Van Geel(NL), the duo performances in diverse collaborative formats have been ongoing series since 2016, the performances included: 'Sculpting in flow', 'Being the one itself' and various improvisation gigs with other musicians.

She is a member of the EU Metabody, a group of science/media art artists, and collaborates with Steim (Amsterdam) E-textile project in 2013, Dablab(London) 'Metatopia' Metabody (Spain) 2015, collaboration work with artists Chris Salter and Tez Maurizio 'Dissense' was performed at the Todays Art Festival (Denhaag, Netherlands)

The works consist of the electronic devices with specific functions and the body,

for instance brain wave, breathing and muscle sensors, proximate materials, etcetera that were amplified into the sound or light in the space.

These experimental investigations aim the extensibility of performance with intuitive interaction by sensory stimulation according to the awareness of the control and self-leading roles in the performance, the instant visual images with various installation were embodied as variations and utilization in real-time.

In 2019,
she is collaborating the project ’Net of Views’ with laser installation by Dutch artist, Matthijs Munik which is inspired by Dialogues of the Buddha (Brahmajla-sutta)