'Being the One Itself’

is the first piece in the ongoing series by Collectief Imprography and this title connotes the meaning of the free will of the artists to be autonomously themselves in this music and dance performance.


Christian Guerematch,
Francine Marie,
Miri Lee


Oene Van Geel(Viola),
Pau Sola Masafrets(Cello) 
Remco Menting(Drum)

Dec 8 2018 at Belcampo Theater, Amsterdam


How to perceive the relationship between the music and the body without a predetermined path and reactivate the flow into an abstract dialogue between performers.
They were deeply exploring and visualizing a raw matter spontaneously as an ensemble in the unknown.

EARsessions is a monthly series that celebrates imaginative music with concerts and unique live setting of the performances.

Oene Van Geel(Viola), Maya Fridman(Cello) and Miri lee( Dance)

18 Apr 2019 at EARsession in Amsterdam


Session with Oene & Miri

#9 19 Feb 2018

7th Oct 2017 at 14 -16
in Anamorphic Studio
In daylight

The session was focusing on how two artists perceive the relationship between the music and the body and the way to beyond the boundary between the being active and the stillness.
The movements that are responded to communicate with the music that is clarifying in the moment by different approaching in time.The composition was chosen by each original contact of the inspiration that is influenced by visual perception and the imagery soundscape.Where stands you are in this space that is specified the ambiguity of the time to the body

Seeing, Hearing and the Captured Images to the mind.


          Monday Match

        8 Jan  2018 at bimhuis

Julyen Hamilton
Paolo Cingolani
Miri Lee

Maya Fridman - cello
Rodrigo Parejo Mateos - flute
George Dumitriu - viola

Monday Match
Jellie Dekker & Jacq Algeria


Void of Text

the piece which
is collaborated with dancer
Miri Lee
electronic musicians Jongkag Park

Void of TextThe score is based on my notes,
Being stillness in the darkness
The void space appears in middle of the mind
The nerves lead into the eye of the pupil
The grand lines on its antenna expands to the space filled the emptiness
The signals of text remains in the space

Sending and Receiving,
Confronting to Sender, Now

The abstract physical communication is composed by the connection between sound and the body.

The letters are written by limbs, the physical presence is deeply turning into the idea of the geometric or calligraphy patterns as a visual image into the meaningful body and stillness body
in proximity to the audience while sustaining the tension in time.


Monday Match

Special edition #101 2016

10th years anniversary special edition
with the idea of one-to-one combinations
of dancers and musician
Frances-Marie Uitti & Miri Lee